Pizza for Breakfast?

22 Apr

I saw someone on pinterest do a post about having pizza for breakfast.  My two LOVE making pizza so I thought this was right up their street!

We set about making the pizza batter (recipe at the bottom), M was a great help, F not so much!  I got F rooting around in the freezer for frozen berries.  She cam up trumps and we got them simmering on the hob with a little bit of sugar to make our sauce.

We made the pancake quite thick so it was a bit more like an American breakfast pancake.

Maxwell stirring the pancake batter

We then flipped the pancakes, of course, to cause great excitement – sorry no pics, it was hard enough to flip without taking pictures!

Once the berries had popped and cooked down a bit I poured them into two bowls to avoid arguments and set them up on the table with the pancake and a couple of spoons for them to spread the sauce.

Making Pancake Pizzas (2)

And then for the topping of choice – pineapple!  Only a few bits of pineapple made it to the pizza as it was snaffled before it touched down… as did a lot of the sauce as you might be able to see from their mouths!

Making Pancake Pizzas (3)Making Pancake Pizzas

And here is the finished slice…

Pizza for Breakfast

This was an excellent alternative to baking, the kids loved being so involved and they weren’t stuffed with cake mix along the way!  I highly recommend it.

I would love to hear if you have some good alternative breakfast ideas!

The Recipe 

  • 100g plain flour
  • eggs
  • 300ml semi-skimmed milk
  • 1 tbsp sunflower oil or vegetable, plus extra for frying
  • pinch salt
  1. Blending in the flour: Put the flour and a pinch of salt into a large mixing bowl and make a well in the centre. Crack the eggs into the middle, then pour in about 50ml milk and 1 tbsp oil. Start whisking from the centre, gradually drawing the flour into the eggs, milk and oil. Once all the flour is incorporated, beat until you have a smooth, thick paste. Add a little more milk if it is too stiff to beat.
  2. Finishing the batter: Add a good splash of milk and whisk to loosen the thick batter. While still whisking, pour in a steady stream of the remaining milk. Continue pouring and whisking until you have a batter that is the consistency of slightly thick single cream. Traditionally, people would say to now leave the batter for 30 mins, to allow the starch in the flour to swell, but there’s no need.
  3. Getting the right thickness: Heat the pan over a moderate heat, then wipe it with oiled kitchen paper. Ladle some batter into the pan, tilting the pan to move the mixture around for an even layer.
  4. Flipping pancakes: Hold the pan handle, ease a fish slice under the pancake, if it’s golden it’s time to flip.  You can play safe and use the fish slice, or you can be brave and with both hands holding the pan handle, shake the pan a little to loosen the pancake and then throw up in the air and hope!  If it doesn’t land on the floor, put it back on the hop until the other side is golden and then it’s ready to eat.
  5. You can freeze the pancakes for 1 month, wrapped in cling film or make them up to a day ahead.

Making Memories

14 Apr

I love taking photos.  I put a lot of value in them… I always have done.  When I was younger I used to say if my house were ever on fire, I would just grab my photos… nowadays I think I’d opt for the small ones first (on a good day!), but my photos would be a close second.  Whilst you do have your memories, sometimes you need something to jog them and photos do exactly that.

This is one of my favourite memories growing up… We always used to holiday with another family and they were the best holidays I can remember.  Looking at this photo just makes me feel so happy!


So I went through this stage of taking photos where every single one was blurred and out of focus.  I just had a little point and click which, in fairness to it, had been beaten about a bit and dropped etc… but even so.  I couldn’t get a decent photo if I tried.

Finally after going to a friend’s wedding and coming home with yet another interesting roll (I say roll, I have moved into the digital age) of blurred images I decided enough was enough, and that it was time to get a new camera.

So I decided to invest!  Now for someone like me purchasing an investment piece like that is a pretty serious deal… and as I am appalling at making decisions I spent quite a lot of time faffing over various review sites before deciding on the one that I wanted.  Isn’t she beautiful!

Buy Canon EOS 600D Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm IS Lens, HD 1080p, 18MP, 3" LCD Screen Online at

I actually found an amazing deal through and I got a free tripod, cashback from Canon and quite a good deal on the camera itself.  Well worth hunting for the right price, I ended up saving in the region of £300 by taking a bit of extra time researching!

The difference in my pictures was obvious straightaway… here was one of my first photos taken… what do you think? 

Apart from the blurred bottom right I was so so pleased with myself!

Now to learn how to use the blummin thing!

Until the next time…


You’re my favourite mummy

2 Apr

Maxwell, aged 4 years and 3 months.


16 Mar

I made the mistake of making a snack look appealing by making it into a picture once… I now can’t issue a snack WITHOUT it being made into a picture else it will end in a tantrum filled 20 minutes about what they don’t want for a snack! Anyway… here are some really fun little bees that I made a few weeks ago, we did make them all together a week later, but a lot of the mix got eaten along the way and the end result didn’t resemble any member of the insect family! Still, it was a fun 20 minutes and I highly recommend the exercise!

Peanut Butter Bees

Recipe taken from Annabel Karmel’s Magbook

Makes 10 bees (although I think that is an exaggeration – I would say more like 6)

4 tbsp smooth peanut butter

1 tbsp honey

2 tbsp dried skimmed powder

1tbsp sesame seeds

1 weetabix. Crushed


1 tbsp cocoa powder

Flaked almonds

10 currents

Mix together the peanut butter and honey and then blend in the remaining ingredients. Form heaped teaspoons of the mixture into oval shapes to look like bees. Dip a toothpick into the cocoa powder and press gently on the bees’ bodies to form stripes. Press flaked almonds into the sides of the bees. Cut the currents in half, roll between your finger and thumb to form tiny balls and arrange on the bees to look like eyes. The bees can be stored in the fridge for several days.

Give it a whirl and send me links to your pics in the comments – I would love to see how you get on!


Mummy, how do we grow?

2 Mar

Maxwell, Aged 4 years and 2 months


Some days, work looks like this.

16 Feb

Me in Ireland, on an ad shoot


Mummy, why does it get dark?

27 Jan

Maxwell, aged 4 years and 1 month.

First Post

15 Jan

Does everyone have an introductory post to their blogs? I don’t know… I’ve never seen one, but then I think I’ve only ever read blogs that have been going a while. Still, I feel like it needs one.

I’ve been wanting to write a blog for a million years (I’m prone to exaggerating), but I’ve never been able to decide what to blog about!

I have no real hobbies. There’s lots of things that I enjoy doing, but I’m pretty hit and miss about doing those things regularly.

I love reading… I have hundreds of books (not an exaggeration) and a serious magazine habit, but I’m not good at reviewing them so I couldn’t blog about that…

I like cooking, but I follow recipes to the letter and I don’t have the skills to make up my own recipes…so I can’t really blog about that.

I like making things, but I very rarely find the time to.

I am pretty consistent at working! But I am not really allowed to blog about that…

I am trying to get organised in the house, we have too much stuff and have never got round to decorating any rooms fully… I could blog about that…

I am learning photography… I could write about that!

And then there are my babies… if there is one thing that is consistent in my life it is them, but there are hundreds of kiddies blogs out there so what would I write that was any different?

So that has led me here… I’m just going to write about me. Most days it will be about the small ones… some days it will be about the things we eat, some days it will be about the things we make, some days it will be about the things I read, and some days it will be about things in my head.

If you want to read about it then great! But if not, it will still be something for me to look back on and spark my memories. So there we go. First blog done.