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Mummy, why does it get dark?

27 Jan

Maxwell, aged 4 years and 1 month.

First Post

15 Jan

Does everyone have an introductory post to their blogs? I don’t know… I’ve never seen one, but then I think I’ve only ever read blogs that have been going a while. Still, I feel like it needs one.

I’ve been wanting to write a blog for a million years (I’m prone to exaggerating), but I’ve never been able to decide what to blog about!

I have no real hobbies. There’s lots of things that I enjoy doing, but I’m pretty hit and miss about doing those things regularly.

I love reading… I have hundreds of books (not an exaggeration) and a serious magazine habit, but I’m not good at reviewing them so I couldn’t blog about that…

I like cooking, but I follow recipes to the letter and I don’t have the skills to make up my own recipes…so I can’t really blog about that.

I like making things, but I very rarely find the time to.

I am pretty consistent at working! But I am not really allowed to blog about that…

I am trying to get organised in the house, we have too much stuff and have never got round to decorating any rooms fully… I could blog about that…

I am learning photography… I could write about that!

And then there are my babies… if there is one thing that is consistent in my life it is them, but there are hundreds of kiddies blogs out there so what would I write that was any different?

So that has led me here… I’m just going to write about me. Most days it will be about the small ones… some days it will be about the things we eat, some days it will be about the things we make, some days it will be about the things I read, and some days it will be about things in my head.

If you want to read about it then great! But if not, it will still be something for me to look back on and spark my memories. So there we go. First blog done.