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Making Memories

14 Apr

I love taking photos.  I put a lot of value in them… I always have done.  When I was younger I used to say if my house were ever on fire, I would just grab my photos… nowadays I think I’d opt for the small ones first (on a good day!), but my photos would be a close second.  Whilst you do have your memories, sometimes you need something to jog them and photos do exactly that.

This is one of my favourite memories growing up… We always used to holiday with another family and they were the best holidays I can remember.  Looking at this photo just makes me feel so happy!


So I went through this stage of taking photos where every single one was blurred and out of focus.  I just had a little point and click which, in fairness to it, had been beaten about a bit and dropped etc… but even so.  I couldn’t get a decent photo if I tried.

Finally after going to a friend’s wedding and coming home with yet another interesting roll (I say roll, I have moved into the digital age) of blurred images I decided enough was enough, and that it was time to get a new camera.

So I decided to invest!  Now for someone like me purchasing an investment piece like that is a pretty serious deal… and as I am appalling at making decisions I spent quite a lot of time faffing over various review sites before deciding on the one that I wanted.  Isn’t she beautiful!

Buy Canon EOS 600D Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm IS Lens, HD 1080p, 18MP, 3" LCD Screen Online at

I actually found an amazing deal through and I got a free tripod, cashback from Canon and quite a good deal on the camera itself.  Well worth hunting for the right price, I ended up saving in the region of £300 by taking a bit of extra time researching!

The difference in my pictures was obvious straightaway… here was one of my first photos taken… what do you think? 

Apart from the blurred bottom right I was so so pleased with myself!

Now to learn how to use the blummin thing!

Until the next time…